"Derek is NOT your typical talent."

"He has this innate ability to find humor in any given situation."

-Mika Kenyah (Independent Filmmaker/iDiD Media)

-Rob Schulbaum (Feature Film Director)


Born and raised in a small & broken down mill town, mixed with an extended family household provided the perfect beginnings for Derek's future. His parents stressed the importance of work ethic from a young age, but it was a tougher upbringing that caused him to develop his creative mind. Having what some would call “a unique personality” and the natural ability to make people laugh, he was known as a "class clown." Derek would watch people like Robin Williams, Jim Carrey and Will Smith to further hone his skills. As the years went on, Derek was known as "the funny friend" in all his circles. 


Since his younger years, Derek has gone on to perform in front of live audiences involving mediums from live music to competitive martial arts and professional wrestling to stand up comedy as well as stage and film acting. He has performed with National Stand Up Comedians such as Jim Gaffigan, Chris Katan and David Koechner. In 2016, Derek appeared in the reboot of "Ghostbusters" and was featured as part of 2018's Los Angeles Film Festival with the premiere of "The Wrong Todd" in which Derek plays a protagonist simply named "The Technician."  With his mantra of, "Never say no to an opportunity," you never know when, where or how Derek will be popping up in a town near you!

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